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Resources Conserved in 2012:

Landfill Space: 147,960 Cubic Yards

Gasoline: 991,908 Gallons

Electricity: 175,385,866 kWh

Trees: 702,602
Water: 289,306,500 Gallons

Oil: 19,135,559 Gallons
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Recycling Services Denver, CO

Altogether Recycling - Waste Management Denver, CO
Alpine is proud to offer Altogether Recycling™, representing the latest innovation in recycling. With Altogether Recycling, it is no longer necessary to sort your recyclable materials into separate bins. All sorting is done at the facility, which means recycling has never been easier or more productive for the environment.



Every size of front and rear load and roll off or compactor is available for Altogether Recycling.

Click here to see residential recycling containers offered.

For more information on our Altogether Recycling program please visit


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